Riot,stop ruining the game with these terrible patches or you will literally lose your players

Listen,this patch is not fun at all,this patch is terrible as f*ck The games are snowballing way too fast,you are not given the option to scale anymore because in the next second you wake up with your inhib tower down in minute 15; Okay,i understand that you are "experimenting" these things with a down to hell nerf on adc and terrible nerf to adc items,okay,i understand, but just don't think about letting these things slip through your hands The game at this moment is NOT balanced,it's NOT even close to be balanced, Your sweet toplaners are dominating the game,the adc's don't have the power to do ANYTHING against it because they are weak;why?because you nerfed them to the point where you have to wiait 30 mins for an adc to be able to do something in the game. I've heard that you will nerf the supports in the next patch; ???? ?????? what????? what are you doing??? why? but why? why are you doing this? you literally made bot lane to have 0 impact on the game, it's only about the top lane now,it all depends on them to carry the game. It's not fun anymore, This game is really not fun If you're not going to fix this,AT LEAST balance the f*cking game and just stop making top laners so overpowered
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