"barriers to diversity"

taken from ghostcrawlers recent dev blog. >For starters, we do have a lot of champions. It requires a lot of bandwidth to focus on all of them, all the time. no shit. maybe thats a sign to entirely stop with champion releases. i know many people will disagree with me on that, but its something that ive been wondering for a long time. people are always thirsty for the next new champion to keep the game fresh, but at some point it becomes damaging to the existing champion pool. does the champion pool simply grow too large to keep under control, and allow riot to give every champion the attention he deserves? imo the answer is yes. even though the pace has slowed down significantly from a champion release every 2 weeks in season 2, to about 6 champions per year now, more and more champions get released. this often causes even minor global gameplay changes to runes, masteries, itemization, summoner spells, the jungle layout etc. to have horrible unforseeable side effects. at some point the champion pool just becomes too large to consider the effect every patch has on every single champion in the game. sure, you can go ahead and try to nerf the biggest offenders who are currently hogging the top spots of the competitive food chain, but it already leads to weak and unproblematic champions rotting in the dirt for month and years at the time, until they stop being pushed back on the balancing shedule, since there is always some larger, gamebreaking issue to work on.

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