[Rant] Thank You Riot. Sincerely, A Player Who Enjoys Playing Late Game Mages /Sarcasm

Hello! So as a player who specializes in playing late game mages. I would just like to give the balance team at Riot games my sincerest thank you for shooting my play style in the face and throwing nearly every champion I play out of the window. Well hey, never mind the thousands of mage players who just had their favourite champions left in the dust, at least you made LC$ slightly more exciting right? Surely trying to forcefully shove assassins back into the meta is a totally good idea right? Just ignore the last disastrous couple of times we did that. Hey? Also why don't you fuck up the jungle meta in the process in your never ending crusades to spice up LC$? Yeah that sounds amazing! Screw scaling junglers ya know? We need more people playing Graves and Kha Zix! Also you know how a good bit of the community were complaining about snowballing? Well time to make the entire game be decided in the first five minutes by the bloodbath that will inevitably occur over god damn scuttle. In addition! The scuttle changes will totally not do the opposite of what we said it would! HAHAHHAHHAAHHAHAH But in all seriousness, these changes feel horrible for me as a late game mage player. First it was the mana changes, then the new assassin items and keystones (never mind them getting one of our best runes, ultimate hat), and finally now, the new jungle changes (try playing a weak early skirmish champion now! Hah). Overall, I feel these changes are pretty bad and are going in the wrong direction. Well. All I know now is, I need to completely change my play style and also pick up a new main. Better Nerf Poppy.

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