Why no smite before lvl 10 its just not fair

the problem is not how skilled or unskilled a player is or how quick or slow someone picks up the mechanises of the game its really about the fact that it is unfair. smite how ever complicated it may be or seem is a role spell and should be able to be taken at any lvl i was just in a match and we had 1 person on our team that was lvl 10+ and did not use smite, were as the other team had 2 ppl lvl 10 + and 1 of them did take smite and he knew how to jg. so add on to the fact that ppl are still learning and all that and there is a lot to take in. ( the match making should not be putting or allowing ppl over lvl 10 into matchs with under lvl 10 at least not for norm's but as alot of ppl on this topic say and i agree duo top is a bad habit there should be position tutoirials and game Etiquette tutorials ie how to call a lane and wat ever else and we see no reason the lane/position meta should be different ) they straight away had the gold advantage and xp advantage and there jg had the whole map cause the only person on the other team that could take smite and jg went teemo top i was udyr top i could have jg but i'm lvl 7 and can't have smite yet and as for the runes and masters well your playing against ppl that have just as much a lack of them as you so that evens out. i would also like to add that i believe there are ppl out there that could clear jg at lvl 3 ( why don't you try make a custom game use no runes and no masters and have a go i bet you may be surprised)

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