Jesus Christ, just remove Tahm's ally Devour at this point.

Twitter post of upcoming Tahm Kench changes. Dear God, he's now just a garbage support period. His one, ONE ability that he gets to use consistently is now on a longer CD so he's just sitting around doing jack shit even more, his R is even MORE useless in the support position since it's even worse at early levels. And the W change alongside everything else they've done to it just makes me restate my topic title, just remove his ability to use Devour on an ally if you're going to do this. Look, I know all of you on the boards hate Tahm, but I loved finally having a champ that could piss off all the hard engage supports I've had to deal with since Season 4. If that aspect is going to be so contentious that it makes Tahm noob bait in the support role then you may as well just rework him to be purely a jungler or top laner, don't string along those of us that loved using Tahm as a support like this, these W changes just make support Tahm a reportable offense. The only real positive here is the E changes, especially the removal of the mana cost for his E. Edit: Hhm... is there a reason I got a response from a Rioter that hasn't posted in 3 years? I'm seeing a deleted comment from Jordash here.
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