I'm pretty disappointed in the effort put into Harrowing this year

No halloween summoners rift, no new game mode, no mention of halloween virtually anywhere on the client. Yeah, we got doom bots and those deathsworn missions but it didn't really feel as halloween-themed as every other season. We didn't even get a login screen this year. idk I guess it just feels like it was sort of swept under the rug because of worlds this time around Edit: **I feel like I should touch on the fact that I'm aware 'Harrowing' is something that can happen at any time or whatever the heck but the fact still stands that at least from my perspective very minimal effort was put in here. The skins are nice looking, but they just don't feel as fun as last year's Bewitching Tristana and what have you. I'm just hoping we get better treatment for Christmas.**
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