What Azir needs

Aside from his obvious soldier attack bugs, these small buffs would help azir in the laning phase. Currently most control mages have very Safe laning phases (Viktor, Oriana, Lissandra, Lux, Morgana). The problem with Azir and his not so safe laning phase is his soldier placement. Yes, the range he can attack from it is decently big, and his q can send them out further than his aa range. But, his placement range is what makes him so hard to lane with. With a range of only 450 units (That's only 25 more units more than flash!) his laning phase is rough against other mages and and most assassins due to the fact he has to get in the middle of the minion wave to summon a soldier. Not only that, but summoning to do a early trade only hurts azir, because when he has to get so close to do a trade he draws minion agro and can't win the trade. Having to get so close to use a solider is very risky and punishable in the first place. Early game you have very little mana and you end up needing q to re-position your soldiers from the lack of range. That is not how his ability should be used at all. Using his q in the early game costs a lot of mana and should only be used to for harass or you just get punished as the cooldown isn't short early levels. I really do think his soldier placement needs to be extended 75 to 100 units. (about the length of 1-1 1/2 melee minions) to give him a safer, and not so much having to walk into a minion wave against a yasuo or annie or anyone else who can take advantage of Azir walking up to try and cs. I main Azir and love playing him, out of all my games that is my only issue with the champion and it's his greatest flaw. Having a long squishy pseudo aa champion needing to get into melee range to summon his means of attacking. Feedback on this would be greatly appreciated.
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