Something that really irks me about Rhaast's passive

>Rhaast heals for upwards of 43% of the damage his spells deal Rhaast passive basically makes him more durable the more damage he deals as more damage->more heals->more survivability. There is a similar mechanic in the game, that was deemed "Toxic" and unbalancable by Riot and it's none other than Mordekaiser's IRON MAN. Yet for converting only 25% of the damage he deals into a SHIELD Mordekaiser has: -400 less base Hp than Kayn/Rhaast -The shield decays -Shield is temporary whereas heals last -Mordekaiser is less mobile -Has NO hard CC And yet for some reason Mordekaiser's passive is seen as a failed design when Rhaast's passive is basically the same, with the exception of it being reduced by Grievous wounds. And even then he has more tools in his kit. It just baffles me that Riot actually introduced a different version of Mordekaiser's passive even though it's regarded as one of the reasons he can't be allowed to be "good". And yes, I might just be over reacting, but it's really aggravating for me as I was so close to actually believe Morde NEEDS to lose his damage->durability conversion to be allowed to be balanced. And yet Rhaast gets released. EDIT: I'm NOT complaining about Rhaast's passive, I'm simply sharing my somewhat annoyed views on the matter. Mordekaiser's passive is always seen as a big balancing issue and I myself suggested changing his %shielding only to affect his CHAMPION damage. I actually think this opens up some ways to keep Iron Man for Mordekaiser, albeit retuned and made somewhat more interactive.
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