ADC feels worse after the crit changes

I've been an ADC main since about late season 3 to early season 4. So obviously the role has come a very long way with Riot adjusting to the to make it feel balanced and yet still a fun role. Recently with the struggle of ADCs even being relevant when mages can in a sense take their place in the bot lane has been an issue. (An entire different discussion to be had). I believe this is due to the fact mage items have a nearly identical build path every game where it's their lost chapter item and then front loaded penetration which destroys ADC's after they removed bonus resistances for ADC's from what I believe was patch 8.11 So with the new crit changes I was excited because it was going to be back to how crit should feel before the first reworked it last season. Which before I felt crits would hit hard and felt very satisfying hitting your 3 item power spike. Now with most recent changes to where crit just has been reverted to what it was but it now considerably more weaker than before. IE has 25% less bonus crit damage than it originally had while still being the same price. Most of the zeal items gave at least 30% AS compared to the 25% on PD RFC. ER also gave an extra 10% bonus CDR for extra gained after building the item, instead of just being a flat 20% throughout the whole game. Now what these changes do and how they make ADC's feel worse. Now because of how the new reverted crit items are, powerspikes with items do not feel as genuinely strong as they should feel in my opinion. While also I feel incredibly slow with the less move speed given from zeal items, and my attack speed has also taken a massive decrease compared to old crit. This of course is with my trying to run Legend: Bloodline and Overheal as they seemed to be reworked for the better, but now feel awful. My attack speed without alacrity feels miserable compared to how it used to feel, and now most ADC's average a 370 move speed with tier 2 boots and a completed zeal item. So now I feel inclined to only run alacrity and celerity in every situation to make up for the lack of MS and AS i get with the weaker reverted items. I also feel as Storm Razor needs to be looked at again, generally the item is looked at to be a 3rd or 4th item for ADC's, yet I find it hard to actually fit in to be a more viable item compared to say a LW for tanks or something with life-steal or more survivability like a GA. The interaction of increasing energized effects is cool, but the increase in gold for less AD and less AS compared to last version seems hardly gold efficient. The damage of only 65 bonus on hit magic damage seems negligible for it being a 4th item or a late game item. So with all these changes to try and help late game carries, I personally feel like they're worse to what they used to be. Right now I feel as if I want to feel like I do something a ADC and do my job within the role that I should still just play Lucian, Vayne, and Ezreal (Which I know Riot is looking at nerfing) Which if they were to be nerfed I think would have ADC's in generally feeling very weak again besides Vayne (If nerfs were to occur). The best change I believe to come out of the crit revert was the change to PD to give us a survivability option without completely gutting our damage output. I think PD has the right idea of what changes for helping crit marksman need help with, yet they buffed their own survivability while nerfing the thing they should be doing most, which is outputting consistent damage. Thank you all who took the time to read this and listen to my personal opinion, please leave some feedback behind and let me know what you all think about the "new" marksman changes. {{sticker:sg-ezreal}}

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