With the mage update, now may be the only chance to add CDR not related to mana regen.

The two best CDR mage items {{item:3165}} {{item:3174}} fill the exact same role, are almost exactly the same in stats and function, and are never purchased together. {{item:3152}} is basically only viable on one champion, and {{item:3100}} is viable on a very small handful. If you don't utilize mana {{champion:85}} {{champion:68}} {{champion:55}} , buy something else for mana such as tear/roa {{champion:69}} {{champion:45}} {{champion:50}} {{champion:61}} {{champion:57}} {{champion:30}} {{champion:38}} {{champion:9}} , or have a mana management passive {{champion:127}} {{champion:101}} you've got virtually no options for cooldown reductions. This is why champions like {{champion:61}} {{champion:45}} buy morello/athene's even though they have extreme synergy with Seraph's Embrace and can stack it easily. This is why {{champion:101}} builds morello even though it's absolutely possible to function with no mana regen other than your first {{item:1056}} Whether it's valid or not, it's been a fairly common argument that CDR has to be tacked onto mana regen items or it would be abused by manaless champions, most notably {{champion:8}} . Now may be our only chance to rebalance CDR AP items so that it is possible for champion to get a healthy CDR item without the mana regen. I'd love to skillfully manage my mana and stack a tear efficiently and be rewarded for my investment, rather than it being garbage because the 20% CDR is infinitely more valuable. So please, consider this in the mage rework. CDR doesn't have to be associated with mana regen.
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