Ideas to improve the game, personal thoughts on items and runes

Hey Guys! I just wanted to list off my current thoughts on how to improve the game and what my change approaches would be! (Nothing to be too specific) Let me know what you guys thinks and which ideas you like the best and/or the least. Items: Overhaul CDR items to offer less CDR (popular concept on boards atm). Uptime is too high in league at the moment and it makes damage/trading harder to manage in it's current inception. Buff Magic Resist items slightly. Rework Sheen and Sheen-Line items (remove it from being a mana based item into a tenacity item); I think it would be nice to have an item that grants tenacity passively but that tenacity increases after hitting a champion with a Basic Attack after casting a spell (reduced for ranged champions) and it can open up this line to more non-mana based champions. -Item change concepts that can have meaningful changes to gameplay and balance. Runes: Overhaul Minor/Major Runes system and Secondary runes. What I would do is have a 'wheel' system for these runes. For example there would be 8 runes to choose from below your keystone options and you may choose 2 of those runes in your primary tree (but you cannot choose a rune within X spaces of each other) As for the secondary tree wheel you can only choose ONE rune from that rune wheel. -Runes are problematic to balance as is and certain combination are more abusable to some champions than others; this will not only make specific abuse cases easier to manage but it can also help to leave room to buff weaker/less used runes and remove some Runes that have overlapping concept and enhance their niche.
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