I Dont Really Use Forums, But Was Wondering Why There Isn't a Fully Fledged Detailed Death-Cap Yet?

As someone that likes to look at what went wrong in teamfights I try to analyze the deathcap and its always so misleading and inaccurate that i cannot quite gauge for why this is...Is this something the company is having trouble making due to issues in code or whatnot or are they not trying to improve it whatsoever? Like for example, I would have 3k hp as malphite and my deathcap shows that they've done 1.7k dmg to me in 4.45secs. Where did my other 1.3k hp go? I'm honestly baffled of the current state of the death recap system and was wondering why this is the way it is. Not the mention the fact that its unhelpful because numbers just seem to be skewed for daamge done like sometimes it shows ive taken 5k dmg in .5secs when i only have 2k hp and died over a few seconds at least.

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