Someone please explain this.

How is it that certain champions get instant fixes, no nerfs, no reworks, and more skins than others. When some of them require the most nerfs, reworks, or don't need skins. Yasuo as an example, is complete AIDS in all elos. Does well in Solo Queue (49.48%) and Is Viable in Competitive. But Ryze, whom was at a 44.5% win rate in anything below masters, gets gutted because he gets played more in pro play because you can't figure out what is really making him strong in organized play. Ahri as an example, is just annoying to play against. Does absolutely nothing all lane other than try to hit you with Q. But if you EVER. EVER. Once get hit by the Charm. You die. Good Fight. You're dead. Meanwhile, again lets use Ryze. Ryze has to avoid CC, run into Range, and do multiple rotations to kill someone. It will take me 3 or 4 rotations in the early game to fully kill someone (depending on runes and sums). The Difference- Ahri has been at a 52%+ win rate for over 5 patches in a row. Ryze back then was at a 44.3 - 44.8% win rate, yet his reliability and safety was completely removed while Ahri still maintains both, in forms of healing and dashes. Reworks- Just stop, no one likes the idea of you reworking their champions. Every time you touch a champion you just upset everyone in that playerbase. Like DoubleLift said, just make a new champion. No one wants to feel like all that time that they spent on a champion is now useless. I get it none of you play League of Legends, its fine to admit that you don't do anything with the company that you work for, outside of working for them. Its fine. Makes sense, majority of people are like that. But don't make people who spent hundreds of hours playing a champion to learn and master it completely meaningless. To them it would be the same as all of the data and proof of a university degree were deleted, just without the repercussions. Still extremely demoralizing. It begs that question in every single mains head, every single one. "Why do I even play X champion, when Yasuo, Lux, and Ahri will always be the same. If riot decides that my Champion is OP, all that they will do is Ryze it. Nerf it into the ground, and come back months later and say "No one plays this champion, it needs a rework." When they know damn well that the reason that no one plays that champion is because they didn't let that champion live. *Riot has done this multiple time with multiple champions Its honestly just extremely irritating to see. Because League of Legends, a SKILL based game. Feels like a bigger game of RNG. I have to hope that I am will be a popular champion that everyone plays. I have to hope that Riot will never rework my champion. I have to hope that I get so popular that skin sales go up, so that nerfs don't come my champions way. Then I have to hope for not terrible team mates. I have to hope for the meta to be in my favor. ETC That is literally what every single Ryze Main lives with when they ever play this game. They get to know that tomorrow all of the experience and expertise that they have built on that champion will be gone, with nothing to show. They get to experience a champion that is absolutely shit. They get to watch nerfs come by because of pro play. All of these factors have just made me play skill-less champions, because Riot doesn't like Skill. Skill is too hard for them to balance. They don't know how to balance skill. They would rather Remove skill from the game, and have everyone follow what they want. Then let people play the game, like DoTA 2 does. League of Legends is the Iphone of the MOBA world. (For those of you who don't know what that actually means, its probably because you're a Iphone user. What that means is, Iphone is a fashion statement. Its not a good piece of tech. It is a fashionable piece of tech. Which is what League of Legends has become. They have removed any and almost all forms of smart play. It is all about being Flashy, which is what people look for in video games. )

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