Can we PLEASE get f'ing bans in ARURF next cycle?

There's some grade AA bullshit that people just dont want to deal with because the game mod becomes unfun and at times basically unplayable and uninteractive. If you don't ban (insert champ) its your fault but I'm pretty sure noone is fine with leaving whether or not theyre going to fight a team with vld, malz, fiz, yi, and something else annoying in URF to RNG. If I'm going to get fucked I'd like to at least have some control over how and how hard. Or at the bare minimum disable some of them. Sona is still disabled to my knowledge so I'm not seeingt the issue with re-disabling select champs at least. Or give each team 1 ban. something. Like you'll see 1 or 2 champions on the enemy team and just be like should i dc? Fuck i hope he/she doesn't go to the same lane as me. And then your lanes will feed those champs and you really can't even get mad at them about it... What do you expect a jinx/cait bot to do against malz/yi bot? You basically pray they win pre six. After that I'd be shocked if they left their turret.
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