Can We Have A Support Item That Clears Grievous Wounds?

So i get grievous wounds is a wonderful thing that counter plays loads of champions like swain, mundo, vlad, ect. It's great love it. But I also play support a lot and it kinda just sucks when you play soraka and yuumi and someone builds a 800 gp item that halves your healing. I'm fine with like something on the higher end cost like 3k with a few stats that just lets your healing on other champions ignore grievous wounds. I know people say "well shield champs ignore it" ya but there isn't really a counter play option for building it, just more ap for healing I guess. Tank builds armor, adc can build last whisper. MR stack? Build magic pen. Someone builds hour glass to counter assassins? Space your abilities out slightly to bait it out and try not to blow cds on an invincible dude. Currently all you can do is heal out of combat, or just accept your heals barely do anything. Let me blow a lot of my money to not have to worry about doing nothing please ;-;
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