Can something be done about Lucian's ubiquity?

I mean i can understand he's fun to play but he's honestly boasting ridiculous numbers that can't be addressed with the "fun factor" in any way. 35.86% playrate in plat +; and this is, mind you, the **smallest** number 50.6% pickrate in diamond+, **you literally have more than 50% the chance to see Lucian in a game** most played champion 37 out of 51 challenger ADCs have Lucian as their most played champion (WAY MORE THAN HALF!!!) Thore are honestly not the numbers of a champion that he's played because he's """"fun to play"""", those are totally unhealthy numbers that are killing botlane variety. Hell, a "popular" champion has 17.69% when he's both fun and not broken (Cait , Vayne).
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