I feel like LeBlanc should be reverted back to her rework to fit her character identidy

I would say that I am a {{champion:7}} main, I really love the champion's concept and her skins, everything about her (I know this is an unpopular opinion for most and that alot of people can't stand her) but I really love her. Alot of LeBlanc mains may disagree with me, but I want to request to Riot that they bring back the rework she received in the assassin update, mainly for the RR ability "Shadow of the Rose" because in my opinion it holds down to her identidy of being a deceiving person as well as adding some creativity and fun to her kit. Her ultimate in her original (and reverted) state in my opinion is boring because it is just a mimic of her other spells with added damage. I think we all can agree being bursted by this champion feels unfair and requires a bit of magic resist to feel safe, which is also why with the reworked {{champion:7}} Sigil of Malice being a passive that had to activate after 1.5 seconds, it gave enemies just a bit of time to react before the damage came through. Plus, it made {{item:3146}} and {{item:3100}} very viable on her because she could auto attack as the passive was loading for alot of damage. Now it is so instantaneous and no one can react fast enough to try and stop it and even as a {{champion:7}} lover I must admit it is crazy. Also, the reworked {{champion:7}} had nice waveclear! LeBlanc players who know the animation of her auto attack also know how *tricky* it can be to last hit with her. It is so delayed and if you are turned away from the minion she has the *slowest* turn around animation before she hits them. I liked Sigil of Malice bouncing around from enemy to enemy after a Distortion, for waveclear as well as it was visually appealing for me. But mainly I liked the double R ability. It was fun to be able to spawn it anywhere on the map and confuse enemies, it could really deceive them and throw them off their game and help your teammates get an edge in when the enemy falls back thinking they are being ganked. The passive taking 1.5 seconds as well I liked, because even though she still had alot of burst enemies could find just a *bit* of time to disengage or counterattack, zhonya active out, or anything. I would hope any other LeBlanc players would realize how broken she is and maybe that revert to the rework would be a good step in slowing down how fast she can all in and delete a champion. The rework made her a bit more challenging to play and not as boring with her combos and gave her more creativity to go with them as well as more fun (to me) and it made her not so easy for such high damage she puts out. And honestly her R now feels just like Karma's R, empowering her abilities. And yes I understand that as an assassin mage Riot likes her to be able to murder any squishy who goes off alone by herself but her burst offers little to no counterplay with how fast it is. {{sticker:leblanc-funny}}
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