Champs over complicated especially reworks

I know I'm old school having started with the original Defense of the Ancients back in college so take of that what you will. However I am becoming increasingly frustrated with the game. I took Season 8 off and came back in the middle-end of season 9 just before the pantheon rework. And frankly its been rough. I'm a simple guy who likes simple champs and frankly if riot wanted to keep making more complicated champs that is fine. I remember lee sin coming out and think welp surely they will never make another champion this complicated cause its too much for me and now I look at the new champion and lee sin looks quaint in comparison. But hey that's fine I'm sure there is a demand for it. My real issue comes down to the reworks. If you look at my mastery tree you see at the top of it are illoai, Pantheon, Kayle, Sion, and Morde Points wise. Notice 4 out of those 5 have be reworked. Of the rework ones the only one I still play is Sion who is the most basic of the bunch. I feel that riot is chasing the competitive aspect a bit much and casuals like myself who consider making just Gold if we bother to play ranked a good goal are being pushed to the side as not only are we not getting new playable champs they are taking away the ones we can play. Also due to this skill issue champs with these plethora of abilities are making lower skill cap champs nigh unplayable. When was the last time you saw a shyvana? or Wu Kong? They are simple to play but pretty much gone from the game due to their low skill cap making them easily out played and having lower damage compared to the newer style of champs. I'm sure I will get alot of git gud comments and the like but I just wanted to voice my feelings on the matter and hope that riot will take notice of this and toss some of us old timers a bone now and then.
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