My issues with the dynamic queue!

Overall i'd like to say that i think the dynamic queue is a step in the right direction. Being able to play with friends is a good idea (as long as there exists a solo queue alternative). I also like that you can limit yourself to two roles. The new champion select sure looks a lot better. Here are my concerns, and i'm sure Riot is working on atleast some of them. **1. I cannot view my champions while other players are banning/picking.** Playing with friends and building team comps is fun. What is not fun though, is when i'm last pick and our first pick wants to swap champions with me, i cannot see my champions at that point, i cannot tell him if i have the champion he would like to play or not. Why would there not be a tab where i can view my champions? Riot wants us to play together as a team, but i fail to do so when i can't tell my team what my potential champions are. ** 2. You need to queue up as more roles than the amount of players you are.** In previous seasons, i often duod with a support, we got bot lane in 80% of our games. When DQ came out i thought great, now we can queue up as adc and support and get it every game, but nope. There is currently no way for us to get bot lane every game. He'll always get support, but adc is a lot harder to get. ** 3. I feel like it doesn't matter what my primary role is.** If you put support as your secondary, you'll get it every game more or less. If i go adc primary and top lane secondary i get adc about 40-45% of the time. What is the point of having a primary role when the system doesn't favor it one bit? **4. You cannot queue up as 1, 3 or 4 roles.** In the highest level of play, most players focus on one role and a lot of players highly prefer one role over every other. Some players loves two roles, but then there are those who like to play 3 or 4 roles as well. In previous seasons i had no problem getting the lane i wanted most of the time, now i get the lane i want about 50% of the time. It's not that i can only play one role, but i often go into a game thinking "oh i would like to play adc this game" and then i get my secondary top lane role. I suppose queueing up as one role might make queue times longer, but then why can't i queue up as 3 or 4 roles? Just my 10 cents.

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