Why are minions so retarded?

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I really don't understand why the minions can't just attack the closest target. It's so rage inducing I can't even begin to describe. For example you win a trade and you get out of the minion wave and the stupid ass cannon minion chases you for 10 more seconds for no apparent reason. You stopped dealing damage to the enemy, but the guy doesn't give up. Here is another. You were just in a heated 1v1. You are both so low. You find a perfect the moment to hit him with an insane prediction skill shot. But suddenly a wild minion jumps in front of the enemy player because he wanted to attack the caster minion even tho he was attacking 3 melee minions just a moment ago... And don't let me get started on the minion block. Yeah it exists so you can't deny the enemies last hits. But damn it's annoying when you get stuck for 3 seconds under a tower because one minion was blocking your way out...... Or the pathing bugs out cause of few minions. You click right, but your champ goes left to go around the minions and you get cc-ed and die.
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