Mordekaiser Ultimate Counter Play?

Ive had matches against so many of them and let me tell you how bullshit his ultimate is. Wheres the counter play to a move that lets you trap anyone into a 1v1 against you, forcing them to face you?? I could be fed by having made and survive near death plays against my lane opponent and out comes a HERP A DERP 0/5 Mordefucker to trap me and end me with those ridiculous moves. Watching him snowball so much harder, as if he wasnt tough enough to take down being behind. These mordekaiser players are bad players being carried by a single ability, thats why most of them play him. A morde could be going 0/5 and all he needs to is HERP DERP PUSH R and watch anyone in a weakened state deliver their corpse to him on a silver platter. Then they say "just run from him in his ult" Yeah. Ok. Let me do that we'll see how far i get as the ashe thats got 25% health left. At least against other utimates,you can dodge or find a way, but not this living hell.

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