Armor pen is infinitely healthier than true damage

Armor penetration is a great way to deal with resistance stacking without making those useless. It reduces the effectiveness of armor without making it worthless. True damage says fuck it to a balanced system and makes armor utterly worthless. Look at a graph comparing armor pen effectiveness compared to true damage effectiveness, in function of armor. That graph will tell you true damage conversion literally scales infinitely more than %pen. It's complete bullshit. Sustained true damage is an abomination that should have never started with {{champion:114}} {{champion:11}} ( you could just make physical damage with % arpen, you know. The technology is there. ) and never have continued with conqueror's. I'm borderline fine with Darius and Cho'gath having a one-time execute with true damage, but DPS true damage is just.. not fine. Stop taking people for dumbasses. "but the average player doesn't really get the % pen and prefers simpler stuff such as true damage, easier to understand". Well sorry but some people being completely %%%%%%ed at understanding basic math is not a reason to make the game unbalanced. %pen and %true damage conversion are completely different in terms of scaling, one is somewhat fine, the other is complete bullshit. It's not healthy nor balanced to have something completely ignore armor. For once in your life Riot, go back on your decisions. You can make Conqueror's give hybrid pen like Rageblade, good against tanks but not completely overwhelming and making the whole resistance system break down because of it. Jax/Yi main btw
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