I really....really....really miss being able to completely build runes totally around one champion..

Like, in all seriousness there are so many things that the old rune system did that actually would have been extremely helpful in today's meta. Playing a tanky jungler and don't want to be absolutely curve stomped by an extremely god like AD jungler threat who wants to eat your face? (Graves) Just stack a CRAP load of armor so that they can't just free kill you level 2 in your jungle! You know that Zed is midlane and you know you're absolutely terrible vs him and you just want to focus on CSing and not exploding? Make one rune page specifically for facing Zed, stacking a ton of armor. Don't want to get absolutely erased by Leblanc's nonsensical damage? Stack a ton of MR runes and build to counter her. I know that the old rune system had it's flaws and I'm trying not to look back with rose colored glasses, but my goodness... honestly as crazy as things are right now in the meta, I genuinely and absolutely miss the old rune system. It's probably just me, but I miss the old runes... {{sticker:sg-soraka}}
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