The fact that 25%-30% of games are considered traps games is concerning.

Touching base on Mid-season (marksman and snowballing)
Hey folks, Since patch 8.11 dropped, we’ve seen a pretty large shakeup to the bot lane meta which has been as polarizing as it has been refreshing.
According to Maple, 25%-30% of games are considered traps games. Isn't it concerning? Only a few of my games were actual traps but were ff at 20 anyway. Now, indeed 30% feels more accurate but that's something you've lead us to. That number is so high that I find quite amusing that you're "satisfied, when according to your statistics, **30% of the current games are 90 to 100% decided by the 15 min mark.** I don't find it's moving the game toward a greater state. Obviously, now ppl find that having a regular surrender vote at ff15 makes sense. **It's just statistical abuse to make us accept your end goals** which is turning this game into a ff15 clown fiesta game. I wish, you would share a comparaison with past seasons, that would be interesting but you won't, because ppl will realize how much you you moved the game to a worst state. Your breakpoints are hilarious. Even Game - losing team has a 25%-50% chance to win Lead Game - losing team has a 10%-25% chance to win Large Lead - losing team has a 0-10% chance to win It does mean that at 15 min mark in 8.13 : * 25% were decided at 90% to 100%. * 30% were decided at 75% to 90%. * 45% were decided at 75% to 50%. In regards to these statistics, how can one refuse the regular ff15 vote? No one because it makes sense in the current state. Although, these curves have to be shifted heavily if you want use to believe that the game is not snowbally. I remember GC saying that he wanted to implement the feeling that "you won't win and hopelessness". Don't search further, it's right there already. Does it makes me wanna play? Does it makes any one competitive wanna play? No, it pushes forward the casual mentality who doesn't care to win or not.
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