Why I am Salty - Riot makes us this way intentionally with their bad matchmaking

So. I just got back into the game. I decided to try some new things out and play with my favorite champion, Hecarim. Well, to my surprise, things went GREAT! The matches I was in had great people, we were carefree, and I won a lot, with great scores. The people I was being matched with were on the same page as me. They made the same strategic plays as I did. I didn't have to worry that they would run away or do something stupid. It was like this for 10+ games! It was great, just how league should be. But then....I decided to try a new champ. I have over 1000wins(or close to). I've been playing this game since preseason 1. I know how different champions work. But Riots matchmaking system seems to think I need to lower my matchmaking score for some reason. The following games were complete shit. Horrible plays, no teamwork, terrible item builds, NO SYNCHRONIZATION. ---- My main problem here, is that skill level with champions doesn't mean SHIT in this game. It's your ability to watch the map, predict enemies patterns, know when to take a tower, or when to help a teammate. These are things you learn by playing a shit-ton, not by playing 1 champ over and over again. That being said, managing your invisible elo based on your character does NOTHING except match you with players that aren't as good as you. Doing that makes people salty. ---- The solution? Matchmaking needs to pair players who play well together. An algorithm needs to be made that places players into 'tiers' based on who they do well with, and who they dont. Currently, the matchmaking system is set up to make people fail. Its a bad system and needs to change dramatically.
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