Fighter Rework: Remove Critical Strike Chance on Ranged Champions

The main problem with Fighters is they share or can share alot of the items ADCs use. It is really hard if not impossible to make items that benefit Fighters but ADC's cant (ab)use better or vice-versa. I have an idea, but it is quite radical and requires a complete item and maybe even kit/balance overhaul. However I think it has alot of benefits. **Remove Critical Strike Chance for Ranged Attacks.** * Gives Melee fighters a distinct characteristic: If they get close they have a chance to deal extra damage (with less AD investment + high risk/reward). * Emphasises Ranged Marksmen's characteristic of dealing sustained, constant and reliable damage. (opposed to RNG/Bursty). * Removes alot of the problems with crossover itemization and abuse cases. This will allow fighters to make item choices balancing damage (prioritising ARpen + Crit chance) with tank + chase items so they can get to melee range, deal their damage, apply their CC and ARpen. Rather than focusing how Fighters get close and stick to a target ( ), I would focus on how they get rewarded for getting close and how it compares to champions that dont need to get close (ie: ADC's). Fighters would be able to get a crit item for their (RNG) damage, get some tank + sticky items and Armor shred. In turn Armor shred should be more expensive for ADC's, thus requiring Fighters in the late game to provide Armor shred and peel power for the ADC's while not making their damage obsolete. In return ADC's should get better scaling due to the removal of Crit chance. With {{champion:157}} and the {{champion:22}} rework, you can already see Riot testing this direction.
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