Here we go again. Another nerf for Aatrox.

Like why can’t you guys do a small little tap nerf and see how it goes? I get you want to nerf Aatrox healing from minions, but why in the actual fuck would you reduce it from 100% to 25% heal? What was wrong with lowering it to 75% heal? You are also nerfing his ultimate again for the 100th time. Stop this fucking bullshit now. Aatrox is one of the hardest champions to play even at a decent level and all you guys want to do is nerf him over and over again. A few patches will go by, then Aatrox will get hit with another big nerf. You might as well remove this champion if all you plan to do is nerf, mini rework, nerf, nerf. I guarantee you in a few patches time, Rito Bias Games will remove the knockups from Aatrox Crit Q zones.
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