Please, do not buff Kayn, Do not "Ivern" him

I get kind of frustrated when someone says "Kayn is so weak he needs buffs" No, he is fine. Some tweaks sure but don't over buff him like you did with ivern. He is still very new and honestly in my opinion his kit is already quite loaded. Think about it, 2 PLAYSTYLES. Need a tank? Go rhaast (I think that's how you spell it) And go bruiser while doing % hp damage. Need a semi glass cannon assassin? Go the other form and just one shot. It's kinda nasty really. He is sucha good "diver" - like assassin. Just don't beg rito to buff him and then realize he was never weak and you were just new to the champ and then beg for him to get nerfed into the ground. Thank you
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