Guide on how to climb as a jungler

1.) Gank toplane, collect free kills 2.) Do it again 3.) Do it again 4.) congratz your both fed, run botlane, kill them, get turret, get drake, reset. 5.) Top goes bot, bot goes top get herald, go mid 6.) congratz you are now Grandmaster Guide on how to derank as jungler: 1.) Farm worthless camps 2.) keep farming worthless camps 3.) Fall behind in cs and xp 4.) Gank the losing botlane or winning doesn't really matter, achieve the appraisal of your botlane keeping you in the faith you did everything right 5.) Congratz you are losing your team every game you are now iron Hope i could help. Also: Please riot, stop putting me into toplane. I really don't want to deal with this shit anymore.
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