LS says Lissandra is oppressive, but I'm like are you sure that's not junglers? Damage wise?

Lissandra on her own in lane has a very low kill pressure and require to poke down her laner. But thing is most of her opponent death isn't cause by lissandra herself but by the amount of damage a jungler ditch out to them. Have you see Lee Sin, Camille, xin zhao, Kayn base damages? With no items a carry jungler can 100-0 a laner with barely any effort. So where does Lissandra being oppressive is? All she brings is CC and utility to junglers. How many times have you seen Lissandra kill her lane opponent with the jungler helps? For me too many times, all she needs is to cc her opponent to oblivion for the jungler to just 1 shot them.
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