Kayle is not good.

I'v tried a number of games nearly 100 games with her. Was ranked 70 NA with her and i'm currently at around 200 now. She is super god dang awful. She is extremely hard to cs with pre 11 even pre 6 once you hit 11 the game is nearly 20minutes in you are so down on cs cause you can't farm in lane you lose a ton of cs cause your mana is to low to farm building mana items just doesn't feel good ya you survive and not feed but you dont scale well klepto is the best keystone for getting your 11 and 16 early how ever you just sit and try to survive and it doesn't work getting dove at lvl 2 from early ganks the team failing you just dont feel like you do anything at all and if you was denied so much cs in lane when you hit 16 that is if the game goes long enough you just dont have the combat stats to fight with the team and win. Idk if this rework was a failure or that riot needs to fix her early game. She was also nerfed this patch which doesn't make sense given she is super awful.
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