League doesn't feel fun to play.

Reasons: 1. Game Length Game goes on way too long Can we condense this from 40-60 minute games down to 20-30 minute games, this game takes forever to play and people (myself included lose interest) 2. Balancing Riot balances this whole game around the 5-10% of players (the new season makes the percentage of Plat+ players less clear). This leaves the remaining 90% of the playerbase in a game where there a ton of champions that don't feel fun to play against at all, and if you dare complain about it you basically just get told to fuck off and get better before you're even allowed to have any form of grievance with how the game feels in terms of balance. 3. New Player Experience I would never under any circumstance subject one of my friends to being a new player in League of Legends. The tutorials are a joke that don't prepare you for the meta at all and basically give you no context as to the majority of how this game is supposed to be played. Champions take an eternity to unlock and if you do decide to buy some you'll never be able to afford all the runes/rune pages you'll need to be halfway viable in a pvp setting. 4. The Community The community is a bunch of complete %%%%s who take the game way too seriously, especially in normals, and clearly have lost touch with what fun even is. Being told to kill myself for losing lane isn't an uncommon thing, nor is being told to get cancer, and do you know what makes all of this worse? It spreads, some people, myself included don't like random assholes treating us like shit, so we act the same way back. There are games where I start by just typing /mute all, because I just don't feel like bothering with anyone, and while that solves the problem of people being dickheads, it removes the social aspect of the game which is one of the few things in this game that I still occasionally enjoy. 5. Maybe I've just lost interest. I haven't had fun with League in a long time, and the only reason I ever play it is because a friend wants to. I used to love this game, It was amazing and fun, I cant explain why it was, only why I don't feel that way now. When I play this game and end up feeling robbed of my time and energy, as well as any good mood I had before I made the very foolish decision to click the little gold L on my desktop. I'm sure many of you disagree with me, but perhaps some see where I'm coming from, I don't know if there is a solution and I doubt I'll ever enjoy this game the way I used to. Those of you who would like to add something constructive below I would enjoy to hear what you have to say.
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