Thoughts on ADC balance

Food for thoughts: I think the best way to go on balancing most ADCs would be to : 1. Tune their kit around these 3 main stats: critical strikes, lifesteal and attack speed. 2. Change item itemization to only having AD + one of those stats as base stats. Most AP items hace AP + one other offensive stat if I remember correctly (mana being a ressource). For example, Statikk Shiv could be the AD/Attack speed item and RFC could be the AD/Crit. Like I said, food for thoughts. Edit: I forgot Phd. It could then be an AD/lifesteal item. My original thoughts were that Phd/Shiv/RFC would be the cheap ADC items at around 2700-2800g and ER/IE/BT would be the expensives ones at 3100-3400g.
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