Started 100 and we going downhill.

I'm a long time player, been playing over several accounts for the past 4-5 years. Used to play for 8+ hrs a day. Now, I play 1-2 games a week. Absolutely no fun. Founder players know how bad this game is. To me, Season 1ish-2 was the pinnacle of League, no shitty changes that completely butchered champs. There wasn't a real meta, and you had FUN. Now, you're forced to pick overpowered champions to win the game. DQ is a complete fuck up. This game is clearly losing a large number of players because they aren't showing statistics of how "big" their player base is .Rito/Tencent refuse to listen to the original players, and they keep releasing shitty changes. GG Riot, you've done it now. Keep it up and become WoW. I hope you got what you asked for.

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