There are no proper runes for Mages

Yes there is no proper keystone for most mages. Not to mention a choice to choose from multiple runes that might be good. Aery is clearly supposed to be a support keystone and it wastes a slot for mages. The reason why it got nerfed as well. Deathfire touch deleted, thunderlord deleted.(no electrocute is not worth the bad domination tree) Once again only AD champions got the best keystones. There are 1 or 2 exceptions like Ezreal and Gankplank abusing the support keystone Kleptomancy. Mages need a real Rune option for damage, dot, mana instead we got movement speed only if we hit every skillshot, a dodgeable uncontrollable area damage and a support poke rune. There are probably a lot more champions that lack a good rune . We supposed to have equally useful runes to choose from. Well its a success on the mages. They all suck the same level.

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