Bronze is another word for blind pick.

*THIS IS NOT A HATE POST* Yes, the title is a little derogative, but when someone picks something that is completely off meta, say, heimerdinger, then you're just asking to lose. No, I do NOT believe in a bad champion, I believe that there's a counter pick to every champion in the game. But, when you go Zyra jungle with ghost and expect to not get counter jungled to hell, and be level 4 at 8 minutes, and a sona bot who gets a first item lich bane, boots of swiftness, and into a Ludens echo. In what realm do you think this is required? You are Bronze for a reason, not because "your team is ass". You're bronze because you REFUSE to learn. "Oh i'm going to make a new meta", no the hell you're not, just because it worked in the game before, does not mean it's good. Hate to break it to you, but that bronze player you faced against last game, was some how malfunctioning. They were most likely high, because I have a strong feeling, that 80% of bronze players are intoxicated in one way or another, because my god their decision making is just far beyond my comprehension. I'm currently in silver 1 right now, and just duoed with a bronze friend of mine, and my GOD is their a skill difference between the two. It's like, Silver to Diamond type of jump.
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