Up vote if you think honor lvl 2 for rewards is too harsh

Its that time of the year again, end of the season. For all of Y'all that were able to make it to gold and get that sick {{champion:61}} skin I applaud you. Congratz your hard work and effort really paid off. And then there is the group of players that made it past gold 5, only to find out that they aren't going to get season rewards because they said something toxic and had to suffer the impossible grind back to honor level 2. I am one of those people who got heated in a competition which I'm sure many people have experienced because it is human nature to get heated over something you worked so hard for and had someone ruin it for you. I said win traders in my game and got a chat restriction that made it so my grind all the way up to plat was meaningless. All the hours I spent because pointless and this really sucks. I just feel like this whole you have to be honor level 2 to get rewards is really harsh and unfair for some people. A lot of people don't even have the time to play the games to get their honor back, we have work school and all kinds of other stuff that we have to deal with. I wish I could spend all my hours playing this game and getting better but I really cant. Upvote this post if you agree with the stuff I'm saying and let me know your opinion on the matter.
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