Talon needs a serious change on his kit

There was a time when the two respectable AD assassins were Talon and Zed. Having ether in your game could and often would shift the tide. Talon and Zed both had amazing gap-closers, both had pretty nice harass and they both could destroy your team with their abilities in a matter of seconds. Talon was a great champion and was a very respectable pick for an AD midlaner. Then everything changed when the assassin update appeared. Zed had gotten very little done with his kit other than gaining more damage when he killed a target with his ultimate. Talon however... eh. He lost a lot. I mean a lot. Yeah he still does damage. Yeah he still can kill you. And yeah parkour is pretty fun. Especially since you pretty much technically will never be able to outrun him due to his practically unlimited jumps while chasing you. But now he's lost so much more. With his old kit, he had so many ways of going in and getting to the squishy carry for that lovely kill. He could E in, he could E to a tank, he could flash in and sometimes he could just use his ultimate to get in. However the problem is now, that with the loss of a 3rd offensive move, Talon had pretty much been reduced to merely 2 skills until level 6 and those skills are... okay at best. His W lost it's reliable guaranteed slow on contact and his Q is just... not the easiest to get max damage with. On top of this, being forced to auto attack to proc your passive, actually is not all that easy to do especially when you're laning vs someone with CC or just outranges you. I have a few suggestions on some changes that would definitely help Talon out a lot. Any single one of these changes would certainly do some good for him. 1. Make his Q proc his passive. Simple. He presses W on a target, which adds two stacks uses his Q for the 3rd stack, which then pops the passive for max damage. 2. Make his W slow while going out as well as coming back in. Honestly, just having it only slow upon returning feels like a pretty weird choice anyway. 3. Instead of having Talon be RIGHT in someone's face to give his Q that crit, just make it so that it deals crit damage, period. 4. Give him an actual gap-closer. His Q's range for that leap is laughable. Talon as of now just needs too many resources to get onto a target and deal tons of damage. He needs youmus for the speed, he needs his ultimate for the speed and he (possibly) needs hydra for auto attack resets and he also needs a wall to jump over. Where as Zed in comparison already has two engages with his shadow jump and his ultimate as well as a reliable slow that helps him stick to his target for an easy kill, while also being manaless. Please find some kind of a way to help out Talon. He needs to return back into the limelight!
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