Why I hate League now and will probably quit. (Rant)

1) Autofill. I'm a support main and somehow got autofilled. It ruins ranked integrity and it pisses me off to no end when I see a 'support' not actually support, forcing me or another person to build support. Then my skill priority has to change. I also have to camp a lane if they refuse signal missing and help wherever the enemy support is camping. 2) My team. Yes, I'm tired of my teams. As it bleeds into this reason (1), I need to bring this up. Nobody takes responsibility for ANYTHING. Smoking weed? Drunk? Not paying attention to pings? Not warding? No worries, it's actually someone else's fault we lost or that you died. It's someone else's fault you just stood there, attacked the wrong target, or ran away from a large long lasting CC chain. 3) The community, including Riot. It has been WEEKS since I last saw the new patch notes and haven't seen any changes to the actual items. Shields are still at 8% for ardent and same for heals. I loved healing then Riot decides to nerf it to the ground. My new main is being reworked. Everything is now considered flaming. The pseudo SJW (Social Justice Warrior) mask Riot has is most irritating. I'm not sure why you would want to fake being a SJW to begin with. Then the reverse discrimination they participated in while allowing other types. (ex. male vs female gamers) What the hell? Then you got the community not even understanding what they are asking for. More damage? Assassins and Mages feel weak? ADC's feel weak? Wow I wonder how we have SO MUCH DAMAGE. I wonder why TANKS AND ENCHANTERS ARE USELESS. Can someone PLEASE EXPLAIN? 4) The game modes. I HATE ARAM NOW. I get a champion I want and someone dodges. I somehow get the same champions over and over again within the same specialization. (FIghter rerolled? Here is another.) There is absolutely no balance. Somehow the community DEFENDS AUTOFILL which is RANDOM for ranked and rejects RANDOM as ranked as well. (Ranked Aram) Talk about contradictory. Nexus Blitz has another issue I complained about with taking away one of my bans due to a broken bug that allows the enemy to win the flaming circle without being alive. No I'm not talking about the champion being visible after death like Karthus and such. I'm talking literally wiped off the map. WTF? Twisted Treeline has been abandoned and hasn't been balanced well. 5) Riot punishes the wrong people and punishes them harder than necessary. Troll is trolling you? No worries, you are at fault. It doesn't matter if your stating facts or not about how they are making the team lose. You are now considered flaming for saying logical things like "What did you expect?". Griefing is punished after the game. You get people taking your jungle farm when you are already behind and your cs. It's already bad enough that you have to suffer through an entire 20 minutes with these pricks following you around just to take a last hit. You get punished if you leave too after situations like this. Wow it's clearly your fault for being griefed, right? I'm not some damn masochist. 45 minutes of griefing isn't something I signed up to play with. 6) The game itself. Mordekaiser is still in a bad state and hasn't been updated. Fiddlesticks is being reworked for no apparently reason except to rework for the sake of reworking. Volibear is horrible and so is skarner. Mobility is ridiculous and damage is too high. Jhin has more movement speed than a hecarim apparently and a Janna because obviously someone with more range should be faster. (Sarcasm) Bugs that are game breaking haven't been hot fixed for over a month. Skins haven't been released for certain champions for years. Many champions have useless passives. (Looking at you {{champion:29}} {{champion:96}} {{champion:9}} {{champion:82}} {{champion:102}} ) There is so much more. 7) MMR is garbage. No, I do believe it got worse but it was ALWAYS garbage. I believe it's now more obvious. MMR is based around your team, which is fine... When it's not the ONLY things dictating your placements. Individual skill counts as well. It's a team game but if you can't get into a team you belong, it's no longer credible. It's just a label with no meaning you have to climb out of... With feeders, griefers, inters, afkers, drunks, high people, trolls, ACTUAL FLAMERS (which can be muted btw but still), and actually people who refuse to share gold while ksing. Yes, KSing does exist. It's just different. It's when you refuse to share gold bounty and be greedy even though you literally only did one damage to a person who was closer to the one who broke their back to get that kill. 8) Other game issues: Snowballing is rediculous. Yes, I understand it's useful for assassins, but if that is the only way you can think of to keep them in the game, I'm not sure you are balancing correctly to begin with. Tanks are useless now. Healers and shielders are terrible. I don't care about the OP.GG winrates. Heals have grievous wounds to counter. Think about a {{champion:57}} with {{item:3165}}{{item:3075}} . Is that really necessary to have so many AP tanks that perma grievous wound you? Unnecessary reworks as stated above, including {{champion:90}} (The hell?), {{champion:103}}, and etc. Ahri has always been core in the eye of League of Legends while Mordekaiser could actually HAVE SOME EYES ON HIM FOR ONCE. What, did Ahri charm you? Not funny. 9) The gaming industry. Yes, this plays a big part into this. League is now participating in shady marketing like loot boxes, overpricing, not being transparent with prices (Needing snowdown pass + buying tokens + Buying skin to get a skin) and to include to the previous point (Before 'and') the skin requires you to go through hoops to get even if buying. Is that REALLY necessary? I thought you guys wanted money ASAP not as slow as possible. JFC. Come with the down votes. I'm ready Senpai.
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