What's an Evelynn?!

So Reav3, the head of the Champ UP team, has recently hinted that it's very unlikely that Evelynn won't be receiving a full Blown VGU in 2017. And on further inspection I can see why. Evelynn's always been one of the most confused champions both identity and gameplay wise. She's been through various iterations of kits, ranging from permanent undetectable stealth (Submarine Eve {{item:3068}} ) to stuns every time she popped out from stealth. Yet one thing always remained the same; Her access to the longest and easiest form of Stealth in league of Legends. Now I know Riot's already planning to rework how stealth works in the upcoming Assassin rework but this thread's not only about stealth but about Evelynn as a champion. Her themes, her visuals and of course her core identity! ------------------------------------------------------------------- **Lore** ------------------------------------------------------------------- Eve has a mysterious past and everything we know about her is shrouded in mystery. I'm not pulling your leg here, that's ALL we get from Evelynn's lore. Riot themselves don't seem to know exactly WHAT Evelynn's supposed to be, if she should be a Shadow Isles Wraithwalker, just an Assassin(Twice the Ass and one Sin) for hire or simply some shady entity. In the end only one thing's for certain; Nobody knows her history, where she came from. Be it intentional or not but Evelynn's pretty much a blank slate when it comes to lore. Her current one's got some great pointers at what she's SUPPOSED to be. -Sapping the life force of her opponents like some kind of vampire->Further reinforces her BDSM theme, which I'll go into detail later -May be originating from the Shadow Isles -Lethally efficient when it comes to take out certain individuals -Can seemingly melt into shadows and ambush her prey Evelynn's lore has a lot of potential, being able to virtually retcon her to any existing place on Valoran as long as her stealthy shadow assassin theme remains intact. Yet I personally feel a very interesting plot point could be linking her to the Shadow Isles via a champion we all known, love or hate; {{champion:82}} Now before you get the pitchforks and call me biased her me out. Mordekaiser's downfall was only able due to some mysterious THIEF infiltrating his HEAVILY GUARDED Bastion and retrieving his skull, making resurrecting him impossible. This shadowy figure could have very well been Evelynn. Now, we all know Mordekaiser's a very proficient warlock able to weave spells and curses. What IF in the wake of his defeat he CURSED whoever had caused his downfall to an eternity of shadows, corrupting them to walk both the realm of shadows and death and the one of the living? This would lead her back into the Mist to feed upon the necromantic energies and use its veil to further increase her already potent abilities. Just some weird brainstorming, I'd like your own opinions on the matter. http://vignette3.wikia.nocookie.net/leagueoflegends/images/2/29/Shadow_Isles_Crest.jpg/revision/latest?cb=20150410071357 ------------------------------------------------------------------- **Their Pain is My Pleasure** -------------------------------------------------------- A very prominent trend in Evelynn's design is that she DELIGHTS in inflicting pain and misery unto her victims. Just a quick look at her abilities makes this crystal clear. But what's an even bigger pointer is her extravagant appearance. https://66.media.tumblr.com/17301053fec475dabdc4a2a36054ae30/tumblr_o5lcczYfyw1tvo2c3o1_500.gif -Revealing clothing -Red, blue and blackish hues -Spikes and studs -Claws -Bizzare cape -High heels In short something a dominatrix would wear. Now, we all know these people who just jump on the White Knighting bandwagon and complain about characters being sexualized. Sorry to break it to them but Evelynn's SUPPOSED to be sexualized in some way. She's the WIDOWMAKER. This is one of her core themes and should be kept in her reworked design at all cost, she's sadistic, she has FUN tormenting innocent souls, she's very much like the depiction of vampires as these predators who lure you in by their charms and sex appeal (before Twilight ruined it all, ffs...) ------------------------------------------------------------------- **Shadows beckon**------------------------------------------------------------------- But something that's even more essential to Evelynn's character is her affliction to Shadows and the night, being able to use them to her advantage and melt into the darkness, becoming just another shade in the night. Now this is more than just Zeddie's shadow clones, this is the tool of a stealthy femme fatale who will come for you, drain you of your life and disappear into the night like nothing ever happened. Her stealthy nature is what makes Eve what she is, being swift on her heels and sticking to the shadows, like a veil shielding her from unwanted gazes. ------------------------------------------------------------------- **Gameplay** ------------------------------------------------------------------- This is a real problem and has always been a balance nightmare. Evelynn's kit is inherently unhealthy due to her being able to flank without the enemy noticing it, making her bypass wards easily and making her a nightmare to play against because you may never know when you're going to feel her claws on your back. It's something that has always caused her to be nerfed into the ground and it has come so far that her identity as an assassin has been warped into simply a flanking skirmisher. Now, Evelynn SHOULD be an Assassin, slipping in and out of the shadows to anhiliate her prey and leave without a trace. This is Rengar's shtick and we all know it's really depressing to play a squishy against these types of champions. The main challenge with her rework will be to give her a healthy assassination pattern and make her stealth a lot more dynamic, to make Evelynn players have to work out a strategy to succeed in their tast, to offer outplay potential beyond buying pinks, to make her more rewarding to play and OUTplay. ------------------------------------------------------------------- **Conclusion **------------------------------------------------------------------- In the end we can all agree that Evelynn's got a TON of potential as a character, her theme of a masochistic Shadowwalker being one that would appeal to a lot of people if her Kit allowed her to reflect that fantasy. Her lacking ANY solid Background offers a lot of freedom if it comes to pushing her core concept to the limit and truly delivering on her fantasy, making her the Widowmaker we'd never want to meet in a dark alley (Well, some of us would :^) ) There are a precious few things Riot HAS to incorporate in her VGU though, things that are iconic to the character and make her truly unique and give her just this appeal no other champion has to offer. Don't make her another angry wraith like Kalista or flashy ninja like Zed, deliver on a coherent and unique fantasy that taps into her already existing themes. Then I'm certain her impending VGU would be one of the best we'll ever have, except maybe Mordekaiser's.
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