Why are you doing this to yuumi?

Why would you encourage an uninteractive champion to be even more uninteractive? Buffing her E and nerfing her passive in such a way that gives no logical reason to ever detach from her ally. Fact is, this champ sticks to the most fed member of her team, gives them a ton of healing and sustain while there is nothing the enemy can do about it. Champions like soraka and nami which give huge healing can be focused down in a fight and be taken out to prevent healing. Yuumi can't be focused and will output huge amounts of healing/shield/movement speed/cc A perfect example is a yuumi attaches to a fed master yi. She basically fills every single weakness he has(being squishy, having no cc) and there is NOTHING you can do about it. And to be honest some adcs with her on bot lane make them literally untouchable in lane. {{champion:350}} +{{champion:15}} {{champion:81}} {{champion:67}}
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