Why is winning the only thing that matters?

So this game is set up to make people hyper-competitive and breeds toxicity because of it. Regardless of how you feel this game is set up to reward winning and only to reward winning. Here's a few of the ways: 1) Is the first WIN of the day not the first GAME of the say 2) The only way to raise your ELO is by winning 3) Key fragments can only be gained from victories 4) You get more Influence Points from a win than a loss These things make people hyper-competitive and increase toxicity. Why are stats other than W-L ratios not taken into account? Here are some that could be viewed and applied to ELO and other things: 1)KDA (I know that it isn't a true representation of skill but it's a start) 2) Damage dealt or Damage healed 3) Wards placed or cleared 4) Buildings destroyed 5) KP% These can all be calculated and are in some cases even shown under the stats tab in the post-game lobby. These should be taken into account when it comes to matchmaking and ranking.
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