Recently released champions reflects Riot's poor balance choices.

Let's look at the last couple of champs released... Neeko, Zoe, Pyke, Kaisa, and soon Sylas. All agile mega-nuke damage dealers (arguably with very obnoxious overpowered abilities). I'm getting really tired of the game being centered around champions like this. I look forward to champion developers sitting down and creating a champion with a positive impact on the game that aren't one-shot execute style champions, rather than coming up with whatever is the most ridiculous, colorful, and high damage dealing champion. I think this turn towards mobile assassin style champions reflects what is wrong in this game. It feels absolutely terrible to play right now, with most of the champions in the game building to one shot. Also listening to Tyler1's stream right now and he just said "Riot's balance team can't tie their own shoes". Lol. But actually we've been waiting a long time for proper balance changes hopefully they decide to turn the game around.
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