WARNING!: Read this if you play team builder mode

Macro-bots are known to be very popular in 3v3s and Dominion, but they are popular in 5v5s as well. Do yourself a favor, do not group with/kick any and all players that follow the name pattern where there are 2 words in their name and numbers at the end, each of the first 2 letters of the words capitalized and run the summoner spells "Ghost" and "Heal" Take counter-measures when seeing these players, such as asking "Who is our mid laner?" Example: ExampleName22 ; ExampleName## ; ExampleName# ; ExampleName### They all run the summoners "Ghost" and "Heal" If you see this, this is a huge red flag. Here is an example of this: http://matchhistory.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/#match-details/NA1/1816810864/228378554?tab=stats The Draven on our team was a bot, and the Shen may or may not have been a bot. I played against Teemo mid as Mordekaiser, and our Draven obviously fed the hell out of their Jinx and didn't say a word the whole game. Just farmed the whole time, ignoring any and all teamfights. As usual, he follows the same pattern of name as other hacker-bots. This ended up being a fun game because we each had 1 bot, it sucked not having an ADC though and ultimately that is what cost us the game. I was able to use their ADC to much effect though lmao which is why I led the game in damage (yes, I outdamaged a fed Jinx as tank mordekaiser) We were all smurfs btw.
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