I hate the new jungle!

The new jg is basically just stupidly hard. I like the new jg items, smite, and buffs, but the monsters are stupidly hard. What was so wrong about the old jg? Sure, competitive games were over run with assassins. {{champion:121}} {{champion:107}} But in solo queue, the jungles were a lot more diverse,{{champion:57}} {{champion:113}} {{champion:60}} {{champion:72}} {{champion:33}} {{champion:120}} {{champion:77}} {{champion:32}} {{champion:131}} {{champion:106}} {{champion:48}} {{champion:11}} {{champion:254}} {{champion:64}} {{champion:5}} and most importantly fun. Now it only seems as though most people are picking campy and sustain champions, {{champion:19}} {{champion:9}} {{champion:35}} and it doesn't feel fun. I think it doesn't feel fun because each jungle camp is an objective and a challenge to clear. When the clear objectives should be focused on ganking, dragon, towers, and barren. The camps should be more farm focused (with the exception of the new strategic camp buffs). I'm not saying to make the camps not hard at all, but most camps shouldn't walk out of the jungle with less then a quarter health before reaching level 3. I hope to see the jungle monsters adjusted in the near future.
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