@Riot (especially @RiotCactopus) please read

Don't worry about all the rune update haters. You apologize for not honoring their "investment" in runes, and they all complain that they're not getting a good refund. I can only imagine how all these kiddies would feel if they invested in IRL stocks and lost huge portions of their money on a bad investment on which they get fuck-all in return (note: happens ALL the time). Even if they don't think of it as a stock, then what are runes then? An asset? They want good returns on a virtual asset already depreciated 7-8 years? LOL. It's actually hilarious to read these forums right now. They spent all their IP on things they "SO DESPERATELY NEEDED" because they stalked proguides or op.gg and omg this one champion is only optimal when using this exact obscure rune because this one guy on the internet said so! I now must spend 16k IP to tweak my stats this tiny, tiny margin because that will make me PRO and boost me to my deserved rating, Diamond! And now I've gotten to Plat III five seasons in a row all thanks to my PRO runes but now Riot needs to give me all my money back! It's only fair! {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-popcorn}}

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