Daily reminder that Dynamic Queue is fine.

Just thought I'd put a little positivity on here, instead of all the negative whining. As a player from 2010 I can say the game is just as fun as it's always been. Keep up the good work Riot! On a side note I keep seeing posts on here about how people are getting matched against players an entire tier above or below them (ex. plat 1 vs gold 1, gold 1 vs silver 1, etc.) I just want to know where all these fucking matches are?! I checked basically every game I played while climbing to diamond on LoLnexus and not once was there some insane difference in rankings. Everyone was almost always within 2-3 divisions of each other. Also, your rank does not equal your MMR, and MMR is what decides who plays against who. In reality a gold 1 playing against a plat 1 is perfectly fine if the plat 1 has low MMR for his division and the gold 1 has high MMR for his division. Just some food for thought!
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