You want us to shut up about Orange essence??

k, apparently my thread has caused a big discussion amongst the boards between Orange essence being shitty value which it is but then people are talking shit that it's free and we should stop being entitled snowflakes, complaining about free things. here is my proposal - Riot- revert all the orange essence values back to their original state. Every single shard we have right now (excluding emotes) make them the original values for lets say 5-7 days .......... allow everyone to disenchant their old shards that they PAID FOR before this change or enchant some skin shards that they have been holding on to for a while before they were all devalued and then after that period of time you can change it back to this god awful system you have now. plain and simple , people feel robbed for what we already PAID FOR WITH REAL MONEY and we have nothing we can do about it.... so once you revert it for a week, and the time period is over, we have nothing else to gripe about .... but I can promise you this, you are going to end up either getting rid of the bullshit values sooner or later or getting rid of hextech chests all together because if this community has any intelligence whatsoever they will never buy another rip off chest again.

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