I miss Kindred

Kindred was my main up until they gave her a worthwhile skin then proceeded to break her legs, (Super Galaxy is awesome) but now that she doesn't have sustain she absolutely NEEDS some damage back in her kit. Have you tried wrestling over a scuttle level 2 with just your w and q?? That Rek or Elise don't give a shit about your minuscule poke. They're either gonna fight you and win with their cc or they're just gonna smite it out from under you. Or worse, bring top and mid bearing down on you for DARING to play your champion correctly. Let Kindred stalk her prey for like 20 seconds before telling all the enemies "FREE KILL HERE!". TL:DR Kindred needs some damage and her jungle hunts need a small timer to prevent doom squads of 3 champs at every one of your hunts.
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