Ezreal's E is more than an escape

First of all, sorry for my english. Ok, we all know that Ezreal's E has this mechanic that blocks CCs, for example blitz grab fails if you are already casting E. It was supposed to block AA and target skills? It makes no sense. Every champ in lol still get the hit if dashing or flashing out of range if the AA or skill started casting before they leave the range. Differently l, ezreal E just interrupt the cast of the skill and the AA. Why there are universal rules for mechanics in the game, when there are champs that can just ignore them? My examples are: Ezreal E -> Ignore CCs and interrupt target abilities and AA Tristana W: Ingore CCs while casting Tryndamere R: Can be casted even if CCed or silenced I don't remember others, but sure thing there are more Add more if you recall some
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